22.2 I am here too- Safety cabinets and required certifications


After the European standard EN 14470-1 came into force in 2004, changes arose for users and manufacturers of safety cabinets for flammable products.
It is a long while C.T.S. has distributed CHEMISAFE® certified cabinets. The cabinets are supplied by Arredi Tecnici Casarin, a leading company in this sector that makes two kinds of CHEMISAFE®cabinets: TYPE 90 and TYPE 30.

Manufacturers and end-users are requested to keep to these basic rules:
  • Rating and classification are now based on resistance to flame for 15', 30', 60' up to 90 minutes. According to these tests, cabinets are cataloged as TYPE 15,...TYPE 90.Former regulation DIN12925-1 included only two categories related to 20' and 90' intervals.
  • The type number indicates the time window the flammable product does not affect the outer of the cabinet and that enables operators to leave the venue before the arrival of firemen.
  • Cabinets need to be approved by laboratories certified for firing tests and accredited by the Government. The tests have to be set according to the size and kind of each device.
  • The automatic self closing system is supposed to be effective in less than 20 seconds with a force lower than 100 N (CHEMISAFE® cabinets are certified for 10 N)
  • The thermal expanding frame has to be checked in order to guarantee the sealing between the door and walls when temperature exceeds the limits for safety.
  • For getting the definitive approval, the cabinets have to pass through the examination of the construction elements.

The cabinets labeled CHEMISAFE® have been developed and upgraded through the years with special devices such as adjustable height shelves pedal closing system and automatic blockage mechanism(acting when the room temperature exceeds 50°C).
All these devices guarantee safe handling and stocking of hazardous goods and prevent from any risk of blasting, due to solvents vapors (we need to pay attention to the self-ignition temperatures of the mixtures).

Make sure the cabinets you are looking for are certified - including those ones provided with outer carcass coated steel.
Complying with strict safety procedures and regulations in any laboratory or shop floor is a must. That is not only legally correct but also fair and convenient from any point of view. Unfortunately, the restoration sector does not pay too much attention to this matter. Sometimes terminology is misleading, so it may happens that a device is considered to meet safety requirements for flammable substances when being equipped just with a fire-extinguisher. We strongly recommend end-users to look for the proper devices and tools for their needs and to carefully check the certifications those equipments are provided with.
That gives us a chance to mention an important project of the National Museum in Cairo; the developing of the most prestigious restoration laboratory in the world. In 2009 C.T.S. provided that center with furniture and equipments, including CHEMISAFE® cabinets for flammable products.

Note: the regulation was enacted according to UNICHIM authority: The acronym stands for ' Associazione per l'unificazione nel settore dell'industria chimica' and the rule is titled “Armadi di stoccaggio di sicurezza all'incendio - Parte 1: Armadi di stoccaggio di sicurezza per liquidi infiammabili