Product Description

A portable precision aeroabrasive instrument with electronic control, for studio and site work. It is indispensable to the restorer for cleaning stone and wooden artifacts, archaeological finds, mosaics, frescoes, etc.
CTS 5 is equipped with an electronic device which blocks the vibrating group for about 3 minutes in case of overheating (the warning light goes on). After cooling it starts again.
CTS 5 allows the abrasive material to flow uninterruptedly and homogeneously. The abrasive quantity can be varied independently from the working pressure.

CTS 5 is made up of:
- a microsandblasting group with manometer and precision pressure regulator
- an electronic vibrating group with on/off light switch and a regulator with warning light, placed on the control panel
- a column tank with safety valve on the plug
- a nozzle in tungsten carbide, ø 1.1 mm (fitted on the pen)

The microsandblaster CTS 5 is available with the following control versions (according to requirements):
- CTS 5/A anatomic microsandblasting pen with electric built-in starting button and connection tubes
- CTS 5/B microsandblasting pen, electric pedal and connection tubes


- 1 nozzle in tungsten carbide, ø 0.7 mm
- 1 nozzle in tungsten carbide, ø 1.4 mm
- 1 nozzle protecting joint
- 1 linen tube, 1.5 m long
- 1 funnel in polyethylene, ø 100 mm
- 1 jar of white aluminium oxide # 150, 500 g
- 1 jar of white aluminium oxide # 180, 500 g
- 1 jar of white aluminium oxide # 220, 500 g
- 1 metal stiff case


Power supply: 220V single-phase 50-60Hz
Pen/pedal voltage: 24V
Working pressure: from 0.1 to 6 bar
Consumption of compressed air: 60 - 80 l air/min
Size: 23x31xh 31 cm
Weight: 16 kg (empty weight)
Total weight: 27 kg (complete with accessories)