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Ready-to-use water repellent protectives, based on organosiloxane oligomers, with an excellent capacity for penetration.
Silo 111 is formulated in 10% dearomatized mineral solvent, while Silo 112 in 10% demineralized water solution.
Once the reticulation reaction is completed (thanks to atmospheric humidity), they impart excellent waterproofness to the treated surfaces. They do not form any superficial film impervious to water vapour, nor cause chromatic alterations or glossy effects.
Both can be applied to marble, stone, plasters, bricks.
Silo 112 can also be added to mortars to impart them water repellent properties.

- excellent water vapour permeability
- absence of chromatic alterations or filming effects
- very good resistance to atmospheric agents and to efflorescence

Appearance: colourless liquid
Active material content: 10%
Density: 0.9 kg/l at 20°C
Boiling point: 145°C
Flash point: 40°C
pH: n.a.

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