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Product Description

An ethyl cellulose with high purity and high molecular weight, made by etherifying the hydroxyls of the cellulose chain with ethylene chloride. 
Ethyl Cellulose N 300, insoluble in water and aliphatic hydrocarbons, gives gels with most medium-high-polarity organic solvents and thickens also some apolar solvents such as turpentine oil and Menthadieneand aromatic hydrocarbons. The gel viscosity depends on the type of solvent and the quantity of Ethyl Cellulose N 300.

Appearance: white powder
Viscosity: 250-350 mPa-s at 25°C in a 5% solution in toluene/ethanol (80/20)
Density: 1.12 g/cm³
Solubility: it swells in most organic solvents; it is insoluble in water and aliphatic hydrocarbons

PACK SIZE: 500 g

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