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Product Description

A 100% pure acrylic resin in aqueous dispersion characterized by excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and chemical stability.
Thanks to its high alkali resistance, Acril 33 is particularly suited for applications with hydraulic binders (hydrate-hydraulic limes, cement, plaster).

Acril 33 is a resin used in any restoration field, as:
- additive for injection and filling mortars
- binder for pigments, glazes, whitewashes
- adhesive
- consolidant and fixative of paint layers

- excellent freeze-thaw stability
- good pH stability
- excellent binding power
- high resistance to yellowing

Appearance: white, milky liquid
Solids content: 46 ± 1%
Viscosity: 3750 mPas at 20°C
pH: 9.5

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