Product Description

A precision rotary micromotor for studio and site use.
It is indispensable to the restorer for cleaning and removing
crusts as well as lime and plaster layers from archaeological
finds, frescoes or stone artefacts by meant of burs
and other rotating tools.
CTS ART PRIME 407 is made up of:

a power supply unit with ON/OFF switch, a speed regulator, digital controls for manual/pedal
  working and for rotation inversion, button for manual working, digital speed display and
  joint connections to the handpiece, to the control pedal and to the power supply.
  CTS ART PRIME 407 has also a safety and protection electronic devicel which
  slow down automatically the speed before inverting the rotation;
- a handpiece with built-in induction micromotor (brushless), with high resistance;
- a collet ø 2.35 mm (fitted on the handpiece);
- a pedal control;

- a rubber stand for the handpiece
- a small hard case size 447 x 412 x 107 mm


Power supply: 230V - 50/60Hz single-phase
Efficiency: 230W
- Couple (torque): 7.8 N cm

- Rotation speed: 0÷50.000 rpm

- Handpiece voltage: 36V

- Dimensions of the supply unit: 160 x 210 x 100 mm

- Total weight of case and accessories: 4.4 kg