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A powdered paint remover produced by inorganic natural substances mixed with water. It removes paints based on alkyd and polyurethane resins and oils from masonry and wooden surfaces and cleans natural and artificial low-porosity stones from soiling and smog.
Deck 1000 is efficacious also on some vinyl and acrylic water paints, lime paints and casein paints, even if longer contact times are required. It can also be used for the removal of bird guano and, thanks to its high pH, it disinfects the area over which it is applied.
Deck 1000 does not contain any toxic or harmful products and therefore is particularly suitable in those situations (attics, not very airy inner rooms, …) that present problems connected with the vapour harmfulness produced by traditional solvent paint removers. Because of the high pH value, it is advisable to wear protective gloves. Besides, as it is a water-based product it does not present any flammable risk.

Appearance: white powder
pH: <13 ± 0.2

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