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Disinfestation technology in a controlled atmosphere is the natural ecologic alternative to treatments based on toxic harmful substances such as methylbromide, ethylene oxide, and formaldehyde.
The principle of Disinfestation in a controlled atmosphere is based simply on modifying the proportion of gases which are present in the air we normally breathe every day and, in particular, on reducing the amount of oxygen while increasing the amount of nitrogen, thus determining the death by anoxia of biotic agents at all stages of development (egg, larvae, chrysalis, adult). This mature and proven technology is highly effective and non-pollutant; it leaves no residues and does not interact with the materials under treatment.
The process can be repeated from time to time and totally eliminates the risk of interaction or reaction of the materials the protected item is made of and it excludes therefore all risks of exposing these items to an accelerated decomposition process. This system is ideal also for long term preservation of the said objects, protecting them from biotic agents, dust and atmospheric pollution.

Isosep Mistral D Mobile is a portable wheeled integrated system of anoxic disinfestation, by means of nitrogen, that operates independently and automatically and is set and controlled by a dedicated software installed on the labtop.
This device can produce high purity nitrogen by making use of advanced technologies based on the molecular separation of common atmospheric gas.
The system allows the treatment of the artefacts both in a controlled atmosphere and in a modified atmosphere.
The treatment begins preparing one or more plastic bags inside which the items to be treated are placed. These bags are connected to Isosep Mistral D Mobile with a special pipe and fittings.
Once the desired values have been set using the software (Residual Oxygen and Relative Humidity) the system will be able to operate automatically for the duration of the treatment, bringing at full capacity the artefact contained in the bubble and ensuring the maintenance of the set values, switching off and on depending on the needs.

ISOSEP Mistral D Mobile guarantees to work in full safety for the operator and the environment, carrying out constantly also the environmental
analysis of oxygen, alternated with the analysis inside the bag, whose values will be handled automatically by the software. In case of anomalous environmental values, the softaware will stop the operation of the entire system warning the operator through the installed alarm (acoustic and visual).
The System allows you to work on several bags at the same time.
The System allows the calibration of the oxygen sensor directly from the integrated control panel.

- Structure in painted steel
Structure in steel painted with epoxy powders, with handlebar and casters (two of them swivel with lock).
Dimensions: 450x880xh.1310 mm. Weight ca 140 kg

- Molecular separation unit
This device can produce high purity nitrogen by making use of a system based on the molecular separation of common atmospheric gas, whose predominant part is composed by nitrogen. As no gas or other combustible material is involved in the process, the system is not subjected to particular safety regulations and can be set up everywhere. Besides, the air molecular separation does not produce undesirable gas nor other impurities.

- OILESS compressor assembly
Oilless compressor, mounted on shielded bearings lubricated inside with a special grease resistant to high temperatures; the connecting shaft is borne by both sides so to reduce at full the possible breakings and diminish the efforts that the electric motor has to suffer. The labyrinth suction is innovative and makes the pumping group noiseless.

- Electronic analyser
Electronic analyser with electrochemical cell for the purity control of the generated nitrogen, complete with a pump for air sample intake and programmable alarms in case the threshold values should be totally or in part exceeded.

- Humidification unit
The control and maintenance of a set rate of relative humidity is committed to an active system of humidification and dehumidification, able not only to generate, humidity but also to keep the same air, that is to be capable of maintaining a set level of humidity in a confined volume, compensating the variations.

- Temperature/humidity probe
The probe has been created for precise and reliable measurements in controlled environments. It is put inside the plastic bags; it ensures a reliable measurement and an excellent output.

- Manometer for measuring the pressure
The manometer is particularly suitable for portable machines because the case is filled with a glycerine liquid that allows the vibration absorption.

- Float type flowmeter with pin regulation
The meter is based on the principle of the hanging float. The flow direction is from bottom to top and the reading point of the discharge corresponds to the upper edge of the float. The pin valve allows a precise adjustment of the discharge.

- Emergency head switch
- Electric panel with socket CEE 16A 220V single-phase and thermal-magnetic circuit breaker
- Connections for probe and PC
- Joints for nitrogen and analysis pipes.


- Heat-seal pincers with triple welding
Pincers, simple to use, which allow an easy and fast welding. The  ergonomic handle in insulating plastic material protects the operator’s hands. Adjustable temperature up to 200°C. Welding joint: 300 mm long, 12 mm wide. Power supply: 220V single-phase – 350W. Weight 1.5 kg.

- Multi-layer film coil
PA-EVOH multi-layer barrier sheet to create the gastight environment.
The PA-EVOH multi-layer barrier sheet has an almost null permeability to oxygen which makes it the best material for treatments in modified/controlled atmosphere.
Roll ca. 360 m long – h. 1150 mm – weight ca. 27 kg – permeability <1-1,5 5/10cc/m2 24h 1bar

- No. 1 nitrogen pipe coil 100 m long
- No. 1 analysis pipe coil 100 m long
- No. 10 taps with airtight closure ring nut for connections to the bag
- No. 5 push-in fittings for nitrogen pipe
- No. 5 push-in fittings for analysis pipe
- No. 1 punch for holes on casing
- No. 1 by-pass to verify the purity produced
- No. 1 roll with metallic tape


- Laptop
Laptop of the latest generation complete with ISOCAT Operational Software and Windows operating system.

- Software “ISOCAT”
The program schedules the data display, with fixed time, the printing of the same data, which can be done at every operator’s request. The user could ask the program, in any moment, for the trend of the last 24 hours, of the last week, of the last month, and/or the last year (as much as one likes) in the shape of diagrams with different scales.
Every printout could indicate: date with hour and minutes, percentage of residual oxygen, air temperature, relative humidity (RH).


- Nominal nitrogen flow: 1.6 m3/hour (at 99.5%)
                                            0.65 m3/hour (at 99.9%)
- Power supply: 230V single-phase 50Hz
- Power consumption: 2000W
- Total weight including all accessories: 220 kg approx



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