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Product Description

The honeycomb panel series PGA is made up of:
- external coverings called “skins” consisting of bidirectional fiberglass material, weight 500 g/m²; the material is 0.5 mm thick and soaked in a self-extinguishing epoxy adhesive
- internal honeycomb structure in aluminium with 6.35 mm or 9.52 mm cell.

- High resistance to shearing and bending stresses (certified by “Giordano Institute” - test report n. 83026 - 83027 - 83028 dated 05/10/1994)
- Excellent resistance to compression: 22 kg/cm² min. - 6.35 mm cell;
10 kg/cm² min. - 9.52 mm cell (certified by “Giordano Institute”
- test report n. 85086 dated 15/12/1994)
- Flatness and lightness
- Excellent stability and resistance to atmospheric agents

All panels are tested by specialized institutes and internal laboratories.

The honeycomb panel resists to differences in temperature from - 40 to + 90°C. 
Fire performance according to CSE RF 3/77 and CSE RF 2/75 A methods.
Result: “PANEL PGA” = Class 1 (certified by “Giordano Institute” - test report n. 85846 dated 27/01/1995 - Ministerial Approval dated 18/01/2005).

The honeycomb panel PGA, subjected to various aging methods, does not show signs of reduction in the adhesion and resistance properties (certified by “Giordano Institute” - test report n. 85086 dated 15/12/1994).

The use of a thermoplastic film gives peeling values up to 5 times superior in comparison with normal thermosetting glues (peeling resistance in accordance with EN 2243/3 standard). Such test has been carried out after a series of accelerated ageing cycles that have not caused any deterioration of the panel characteristics.
Peeling value: 100 NEWTON minimum
(certified by “Giordano Institute” - test report n. 83071 dated 06/10/1994).


Series: PGA 1
Art.: 6/30
Cell size: 6,35 mm
Thickness: 30 mm
Dimensions: 1220x2500 mm
Skin thickness: 1 mm
Foil thickness: 70 ?
Density kg/m3: 80
Weight kg/m2: 5,12

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